Why is God always portrayed as male?

Recently someone posted a complaint on twitter about Jesus always being portrayed as light-skinned with straight light brown hair.  For someone who was dark skinned, it was difficult to identify.

Yet as hard as this was for a boy, for a Christian girl it was much worse. I grew up with an image in my head of God as male. We had a trinity – three different visualizations of God – and all three of them were referred to as “He.”  Women, by definition, were one off. We were created to keep a man company.

In this Judeo-Christian view of the world, women are from the man. We grow up thinking of god in male terms and by definition anything male is somehow the norm. Anything feminine is correspondingly not the norm – foolish or weak or somehow LESS. So we should strive to be more like men. From the spiritual world to the business world we are sentenced to a lifetime of being imperfect imitators.   Well.  This no longer flies

I have officially abandoned that notion.
Now, to spread the word.

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Katherine Flannery Dering is a writer, feminist, and mental health activist. Her new book, Aftermath, was published in November, 2018.She is also author of Shot in the Head: A Sister’s Memoir, A Brother’s Struggle (Bridgeross Communications; 2014). Her younger brother, Paul, was diagnosed with schizophrenia at the age of 16, and she helped with his care. She writes about caring for her brother in hopes that it will enlighten the public on the role of caregivers. Her website is www.katherineflannerydering.com She is currently at work on two books - a mystery novel, and a nonfiction​ book about women, business and religion. Katherine holds an MFA from Manhattanville College, a BA from Le Moyne College, an MA from the University of Buffalo and a MBA from the University of Minnesota at Duluth. Her poetry and essays have appeared in Inkwell Magazine, as well as The Bedford Record Review, Northwords Press, Sensations Magazine, Pandaloon Press, Poetry Motel, Pink Elephant Magazine, River River, The Manhattanville Review, and Stories from the Couch. Dering taught Spanish briefly and is a former CFO at a community bank in New York. For more information please visit www.katherineflannerydering.com and find Katherine and her book on Facebook and Twitter.

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